Soon on Christmas Day we’ll celebrate the climax of the season of Advent.    Waiting turns into rejoicing!

And yet in these last couple of days of Advent, there is still time to be blessed by one who has a special prominence in the Nativity story, Mary, the mother of Jesus.   Her “Yes” changes everything, and inspires us to say our “Yes” as well to God, even when we’re not sure what we’re signing up for!

To launch us even higher as we get ready to celebrate Jesus on Thursday, let’s consider Mary one more time before this Advent closes, and learn from her.

To help us do this, Tara Scherer Haley gave a beautiful reflection on her a few years ago at St. Brendan’s in the City that we are fortunate enough to have recorded.  You can listen it to it below, or at this link, and it’s moving.

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