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Don’t Forget – You’re Dust

From dust you come, to dust you shall return (Gen. 3:19). Inspiring words!

Does the truth of our finitude provoke inspiration or despair?

If you want to be first, be the last.

If you want great, be the least.

If you want to be rich, give what you have away.

If you want to be blessed, be willing to suffer.

Difficult teachings of Jesus to be sure.

Our finitude can lead us to despair or propel us to magnify the grandeur of eternity and Him who governs it. Ah, blessed dust!

Lent is designed to remind us, that in the order of the cosmos, we are dust. And subsequently, this truth should help us see the contrasting majesty of our Creator.

We no longer serve ourselves, but the Creator – what responsibility! We serve not as a super-man, but as a humble creation of dust – what freedom!

May your journey through this Lenten season make the celebration of Easter to come all the more triumphant.

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