1. attractive or interesting.
synonyms: attractiveengagingalluringcaptivatingtemptingenticingirresistiblewinsome,

2.  (of an expression or tone of voice) showing that one wants help or sympathy.

“an appealing look”

Our mailbox is stuffed each day with Appeals, pleas, for our kind of consumer attention.  I stand at the kitchen counter playing recipient god, sorting into piles:

  • unattractive, unappealing—unopened for instant recycle
  • partially familiar and potentially interesting—open to evaluate
  • beloved and supported—respond as invited

The weights of my decisions do not burden me.  It’s a 30-second exercise on my way to begin my homecoming re-entry to our welcoming living room.  Topics of the day ended; family life reclaimed.

What is my Appeal in God’s mailbox?  Do I arrive with shiny packaging trumpeting my best unique efforts to please Him in deeds and words?  Do I pray I’ll be bundled with others that seem sincerely familiar or at least connected to those who have the “creds” I need?  Do I blithely or timidly refuse to think of the judgment or scorn I have rightfully earned as the veteran sinner I truly am?  Can I arrive confident He will respond to me as He looks upon Jesus as my personal delivery Redeemer?

Praise our Holy God that on a clear cold night He laid down the “new rules” that brought the cataclysmic shift to His necessary mailbox formula:

From that entry night forward, His created ones no longer had to die failing to appeal to Him as He stood at His “pile sorting counter” throwing out all men as He was required to decide based on His holy standards we can never achieve.

From that night forward we have had the willing Son and Savior Jesus to make our peace with His Father, our Holy God and Ruler, Judge of all mankind.

Jesus in me, by opening the door of my heart to Him, is my only attractive quality to which our Holy God can positively respond.  Jesus is my packaging Hope and Only Appeal.  By His Presence, I will hear my Father welcome me into His living room to claim my undeserved, but beloved and supported, family life with Him.

It’s that simple.  Madison Avenue, take note.  Welcome, baby Jesus.

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