Spiritual Formation For Kingdom Action

Speaking and Retreat Leading

While we offer a lot of retreats at Corhaven, we also lead or speak at retreats for a variety of groups or leadership teams, and can speak on a wide range of topics for for a day or one session. Information on personal retreats is available here.

Some of these topics are below, and there are many more to be created. We love working with various groups to come up with new retreats that are especially tailored for their needs. If you’d like to organize a retreat with your group or community, either at Corhaven or elsewhere, or would like to have us speak at your retreat, contact us at inthecoracle@me.com or 202-320-3206.

  • Being the Body of Christ in the World
  • Contemplation and Action
  • Sensing God in Stressful Times
  • The Spiritual Formation of St. Paul
  • Jesus the MAN for men
  • Marks of Christian Maturity
  • Peter-Courage in the Real World
  • Seek Justice
  • A One Day Contemplative Retreat
  • The Eucharistic Life
  • The Glory of God and a Broken World
  • Prayer: Our Conversation with God
  • Basic Spiritual Disciplines
  • Spiritual Disciplines for Spiritual Formation
  • Friends with the Holy Spirit
  • Marks of Christian Maturity
  • The Ministry and Mystery of Mother Teresa
  • Abide in Me
  • Knowing Yourself For the Sake of Others
  • An Introduction to the Contemplative Life
  • Domestic Church and Family Spirituality
  • Contemplative Parenting
  • Creation Care
  • Vocation and Your World
  • God’s Heart for the World
  • God’s Heart for the City
  • The Celtic Way of Following Christ
  • Your True Vocation: Love
  • The Foundational Vocations
  • Sabbath
  • Moses: Stages in the Spiritual Life
  • Rekindling That First Love
  • You are a Priest
  • The Big Story of the Bible and You
  • True Self/False Self/Christ’s Self
  • Sustaining Spiritual Disciplines
  • On the Road With God Together
  • Hearing God
  • and more

Past Retreats at Corhaven Have Included…..

(those listed in bold are offered yearly, as are Advent and Lenten retreats)

  • “God Loves You…No Really!”
  • “Praying for Your ‘New’ Year”
  • “JESUS the MAN” Retreats for Men
  • “Grow to the Next Level”
  • “How Can I Discern My Vocation”
  • “Coming Clean, Coming Home” for Lent
  • “Bigger Than What Binds Us” with Curt Thompson
  • “Making Room for Jesus” for Advent
  • “With Burning Hearts” on Spiritual Direction
  • “Image and Imagination” with Kate Harris
  • “Mutual Blessings: Earth and Us”
  • “Visions of Vocation” with Steve Garber
  • “Spring Cleaning for the Soul” for Lent
  • “A One Day Contemplative Retreat: Introduction and Experience”
  • “Rhythms & Vocation: The Rule of St. Benedict” with Laura Fabrycky
  • “Sustaining Spirituality for Social Activists”
  • “On Spiritual Direction: Companions on the Way”
  • “Faithfully Unknowing” for Advent
  • “True Self/ False Self/ Christ’s Self”
  • “The Call to Ordinary Life” with Kate Harris
  • “Earth to Food” Creation Care Retreat
  • “Praying with Icons” with Betsey Mulloy
  • “Dirt Don’t Hurt!” on Creation Care
  • “The God Who Keeps Calling” with Steve Garber
  • “Heart, Mind, & Soul” with Curt Thompson
  • “Art, Imagination, and Contemplative Prayer” with Mary Amendolia
  • “Becoming Familiar with God’s Voice to YOU”
  • God’s Call to You – Spiritual Formation for Kingdom Action
  • Light in the Darkness: On Redemptive Suffering
  • Where Our Faith Leads: Abandonment to God
“So awesome to worship in God’s green creation.”

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