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The Corhaven Graveyard Project

On the property of Corhaven, there is a slave cemetery dating from the mid-1800s.   While we’ve quietly and prayerfully tended it since we found shortly after moving out here, over the past months we’ve been working hard to determine how best to honor  our brothers and sisters who lay there. We dedicated the graveyard on April 30th, 2016 and you can watch a short video created by Hanson Cook about it above.

We strongly encourage you to visit the dedicated website for this ongoing project: http://www.corhavengraveyard.org/.

For more information about this project and how to support it financially, click here

Below, you can click and read about some of the efforts we’ve already put into this very important project.   For more information about how you can be involved and to be kept updated, e-mail us here.

Minutes (with audio)  from our first meeting about the Corhaven Graveyard, some of the plans going forward, and resources–  Notes from “Honoring the Forgotten”

A Report on Slave Cemetery Clearing Day at Corhaven in May 2015 with pictures – “Clearing Sacred Space” by Sarah Kohrs

A Personal Reflection from Bill on the Corhaven Graveyard Dedication – April 30, 2016.

Media coverage of the April 30, 2016 dedication ceremony can be found here.

Some of the flora discoveries from the Clearing Day“One Step at a Time” by Sarah Kohrs





“So awesome to worship in God’s green creation.”

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