Spiritual Formation For Kingdom Action

Coracle Fellowship Formation Program

God made you beautifully and radically unique.  God did this so that you could joyfully thrive in this world for the sake of the world through your unique experience and expression of deeper union with Jesus.  The Coracle Fellowship leads you through a year long process of discovery and deepening in community with others who are also seeking More in their relationship with God and in their redemptive engagement in the brokenness that surrounds us all.   It is a program of “Spiritual Formation For Kingdom Action.”   We offer it for your joy and freedom, and because the world needs more people who are alive and strong in God to powerfully be his presence wherever you go and wherever God leads you.

Click here to find the full program description here: Coracle Fellowship description.

Applications for the 2019 Fellowship program are now open.  Apply Here. Submissions are due by 11:59pm on December 19 (formerly November 15, deadline has been extended).

Contact us here with more questions about this program and about available scholarships. Particularly, Coracle is excited about and committed to the leadership and contribution of people of color in spiritual formation, therefore we have scholarships available if that will enable participation.

“The Veil Between heaven and earth seems quite thin here at Corhaven. ”

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