Spiritual Formation For Kingdom Action

The Coracle Movie: A Story of Journey

This short film tells a story of the journey we’re all invited into, the adventure of following God with others and seeing what happens along the way. We’re profoundly grateful to our dear friend Kyle Schroeder of Flywheel Fabelwerks for capturing not only the essence of Coracle, but the essence of the spiritual life. Click here to see more of his work. And we hope this story inspires you to be faithful to the unique journey God has you on, as well as join Coracle in ours! If you’d like to be a part some how, contact us.   Be sure that you’re getting our reflections and newsletters as well by signing up at the sidebar to the right.

“This is a place where someone like myself can meet the Living God and experience love, rest, and refreshment...thank you for helping me believe that Jesus delights in me and loves me!”

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