Spiritual Formation For Kingdom Action

Spiritual Director’s Profile

Molly Shafferman

Arlington, VA

I grew up in Alabama, where one of God’s special graces in my life was my mom. It was not uncommon to hear her say, “I need to go listen a little,” and close her bedroom door. Years later, as I began my own walk with Jesus, she and I would sit together on her blue sofa and “listen a little.” It was a formative time for me, laying a foundation to grow in intimacy in Christ. Over the years, I have been a part of the healing prayer team at our church, and am always amazed to see how God enters the lives of his people. For me, spiritual direction has also been a ministry of healing and discovery, with an emphasis on spiritual formation, that is, being changed into the image of Christ. It has been a joy to sit with others on my sofa, offering a sacred space to listen to the invitations Jesus offers to us to walk in healing, freedom and the discovery of our true selves. My training was with the amazing faculty of Selah, a certificate program offered by Leadership Transformations, Inc. My husband, Howard, and I enjoy the company of our two married children and our wonderful in-law children! I love being outside…whether on a long walk, the golf course, or somewhere else in God’s beautiful creation!
“This is a place where someone like myself can meet the Living God and experience love, rest, and refreshment...thank you for helping me believe that Jesus delights in me and loves me!”

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