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Spiritual Director’s Profile

Daniele Evans

Lancaster, PA

Daniele Evans is a woman on a journey towards intentional living — seeking to enjoy and experience God in life’s everyday (and even ordinary) moments. A daughter of Haitian immigrants, Daniele’s spiritual journey grew as her parents’ new-found faith was established in her childhood home. She spent much of life in different Christian environments, which offered her appreciation for the variety of ways people connect to God. Daniele pursued a Biblical Studies degree and later completed her spiritual direction training through Sustainable Faith. Her pastoral work for 15+ years included writing and teaching Bible studies, speaking, and mentoring others in their faith journey. As a blogger, Daniele has written widely for online and print publications. Her writing offers both inspirational and practical encouragement for women in various life stages. Spiritual direction holds sacred space for conversation and connection with God. Daniele feels particularly drawn to this practice and to those who may find themselves in places of transition or struggle. Her own personal experiences with loss, trauma, and grief support Daniele’s desire to be a safe space for others. She hopes to expand her own formation to include Enneagram and trauma resiliency training. The roles Daniele most cherishes are the ones centered around home. A homeschool mother of five and a passionate defender of children who need an advocate, Daniele and her children live out their days in Central Pennsylvania where she enjoys cooking, writing, reading, photography and tea. Always tea! While Daniele is based in Lancaster, PA, she also offers direction over video and phone.
“I'm so thankful to God that he led me here...and met me here”

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