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Spiritual Director’s Profile

Christine Warner

Austin, TX

Christine has spent her entire life in diverse contexts of ministry. Born and raised in Guatemala, she witnessed the power and mercy of Jesus Christ in a context of poverty and civil war. To this day she is most drawn to the frontiers of God’s kingdom where light is pushing back darkness, and where men and women are formed in the crucible of sacrificial service. In the United States she has also been involved in campus ministry, urban mission on the Mexican border, and church planting in Austin, Texas, where she now resides. She also teaches writing at a small liberal arts college. Christine is available for spiritual direction and retreats, with a particular emphasis on working with justice workers and mission/ministry staff. Christine completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Texas, and a master’s in Spiritual Theology at Regent College, Vancouver, Canada. Her training in contemplative Spiritual Direction was with Selah, based in South Hamilton, Massachusetts. Christine, along with her husband and four children, lives in Austin, Texas, worships at Christ Church Anglican, and spends summers in Guatemala moving back and forth between the suffering and beauty of that land. She loves feasting, things “other,” laughing, fried plantains, Arvo Part, and Ecclesiastes.
“Here there’s already a palpable sense of God’s pleasure and love which invited a deeper presence to Him. . . an invitation to stillness and listening.”

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