Spiritual Formation For Kingdom Action

Spiritual Director’s Profile

Desiree Barker

Woodbridge, VA

Desiree has been actively involved in ministry for over 25 years, primarily in education and discipleship. In her most recent position, she served as Adult Discipleship Director on the staff at All Saints Church, Woodbridge. She is an experienced teacher, spiritual director and retreat leader, and has completed a training course in spiritual direction through the Anglican Diocese of New England. As a spiritual director, Desiree’s ministry approach is is warm and caring while being firmly grounded in Biblical truth and the spiritual disciplines. She delights to walk with others as they grow in the faith and in their passion to love and serve the Lord. She has experience offering spiritual direction with a variety of people, both men and women, and has been particularly led to serve women in leadership and those interested in exploring spiritual direction for the first time. Desiree appreciates God’s infinite creativity and sees His hand in her experience and enjoyment of the creative process. Her background in design includes professional experience in space planning and design, and amateur dabbling in painting, costume design and her current passion, knitwear design. This translates into her direction style as an expectancy of the variety of ways God is at work in His people and as a willingness to walk with others as they discover how God leads and guides them. Along with her husband, Steve, Desiree lives in Woodbridge, Virginia and they have a grown daughter, a son-in- law and two grandsons.
“It is so peaceful here away from all the sounds of the city.  I loved being able to walk through the woods.”

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