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Spiritual Director’s Profile

Reina Brekke

Alexandria, VA

Reina has spent most of her childhood and adult life in Minnesota, but has also lived in Japan, Florida, Illinois and now Alexandria, VA. She came to faith in Jesus Christ during her early college years and was solidly grounded in her faith within the evangelical church. Her journey into spiritual direction began in her early 50’s and was generated from a sense of missing something in her faith, accompanied by a longing to experience a deeper connection with God. This path has opened her perspective concerning who God is to her, and who she is to Him. She has walked slowly, with intention, through the Ignatian exercises, experiencing transformation through imaginative prayer. The contemplative life with the Trinity has been a re-awakening and a deepening of the faith that God invited her to in her young adulthood. Though excited to meet with any person eager to walk deeper in their faith, she has a passion towards walking along-side young adults, companioning with them as they explore who God is and how He reveals Himself to them. She has an openness to ponder the tough questions and listen for God’s voice amid all the competing voices of our culture and time. Reina completed her training in spiritual direction through Richmont Graduate University in Atlanta, GA, where she is currently enrolled and pursuing a Master’s degree in Spiritual Formation. She and her husband attend National Community Church, Potomac Yard.Reina and her husband enjoy biking, running, and cross country skiing, especially when they can return to northwest Wisconsin and the Chequamegon National Forest. She is the mother of two grown sons who are married. Her newest family role, is being the smitten grandmother of one precious grandchild.
“This is a place where someone like myself can meet the Living God and experience love, rest, and refreshment...thank you for helping me believe that Jesus delights in me and loves me!”

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