Spiritual Formation For Kingdom Action

Spiritual Director’s Profile

Mary Gardner

Arlington, VA

Mary delights in helping people grow in their Christian faith and discernment. Contemplative spirituality, which incorporates listening, silence and prayer, best describes her approach to spiritual direction. Spiritual direction is primarily a work of the Holy Spirit in which we are invited to participate in together. Mary, an ordained Anglican priest, is currently receiving practical training as a Spiritual Director through the Selah Program. Her theological training in Ignatian Spirituality at the University of London provided the foundation for her work in spiritual formation. She earned her MA in Christian Spirituality from Heythrop College, University of London, with a focus on the visual arts and spiritual transformation. She trained for ministry at Wycliffe Hall in Oxford, England and the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. Before her ordination Mary worked professionally in radio, advertising, and government. In her free time Mary enjoys international travel, reading spy novels, introducing people to the visual arts in museums and relaxing on the beach. She makes and appreciates art, loves the outdoors and all things Italian.
“I leave Corhaven with God at my side, having experienced the joy of wordless prayer & having learned his invitation just to be in each other's presence.”

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