Spiritual Formation For Kingdom Action

Spiritual Director’s Profile

Claire Kelly

Gainesville, VA

Hailing from Switzerland and raised in South Africa, Claire has lived for many years in the US, both in the East and on the West coast. Her spiritual journey has been an ecumenical one, beginning in the Swiss protestant church, meandering through American evangelicalism, and lingering with the Exercises of Saint Ignatius and contemplative spirituality. A personal journey through loss and grief has yielded a compassionate heart and deep resonance with the joys and pains of others as well as an abiding confidence that God’s loving intimate presence is with us, and will sustain us, through all the experiences of life. As a spiritual director she delights in offering “soul hospitality” to any who desire to become more aware and intentional in their relationship with God, listening with them to their life, and seeking God in the “all things” of everyday living. Other areas of interest and ongoing formation include the Enneagram, Centering Prayer and other contemplative prayer practices, silent retreats, and finding God in nature and ordinary life. Claire is a mother and grandmother of seven wonderful grandchildren. She received her formal training in spiritual direction from Christian Formation and Direction Ministries (CFDM) in Southern California.
“So grateful for this moment of rest and a renewed sense of God’s loving, abiding presence–in this loveliest of places.”

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