Spiritual Formation For Kingdom Action

How Do I Get One?

Finding a spiritual director is notoriously difficult, for a variety of reasons. When I (Bill) first started looking for one, it took over a year and a half and several failed attempts. It was only when I stopped looking for a spiritual director that several months later that God led me to one, and that when I wasn’t even looking! For myself and others, the old adage holds true, “When the disciple is ready, the master will arrive.”

The most important thing in finding a spiritual director is to pray, and ask God to provide who you need in the right time, and trust that God will do that. That said, there are ways to take the initiative.

We are very blessed to have Margot Eyring serving Coracle as our Spiritual Direction Coordinator, in addition to providing spiritual direction herself.  If you have questions about how to find a spiritual director, Margot will be happy to help you.  You can email Margot with questions or for assistance in being matched.

Also, if any of the spiritual directors with Coracle seem as though they could be helpful to you, feel free to contact them directly with the email provided.   Or, if you have more questions about this or would like to talk through it, email Margot and we’ll be happy to talk with you and discern together.

“Thank you for helping me pay attention to the richness of the gift of God’s loving presence that he has given me...Corhaven is truly a refuge of the heart and a place of restoration”

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