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Fellowship Program Application

Coracle Fellowship Program Application

Class of 2020

The Coracle Fellowship leads you through a year-long process of discovery and deepening in community with others who are also seeking More in their relationship with God and in their redemptive engagement in the brokenness that surround us all. It is a program of “Spiritual Formation For Kingdom Action.” We offer it for your joy and freedom, and because the world needs more people who are alive and strong in God to powerfully be his presence wherever you go and wherever God leads you.

By end of the Coracle Fellowship our hope would be that you know God’s love more truly, understand Jesus more clearly, connect with God more easily, embrace your uniqueness more deeply, understand your vocations more confidently, grow spiritually, be oriented by hope, be better able to hear God’s voice, be better able to be used by God powerfully, trust God more radically, and live more fully with great joy.

The Coracle Fellowship program is woven around a framework of group retreats at Corhaven in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley (about an hour and a half from northern Virginia) or in northern Virginia. It also includes key elements experienced individually and in group settings in your locale. These elements include individualized spiritual disciplines, recommended readings, spiritual direction, written reflections, prayer services, several local Coracle Fellowship gatherings, a personal retreat at Corhaven, the opportunity to participate in other Coracle offerings over the course of the year, an experience of Kingdom service, a final reflection project, a certificate of completion, and a special gift. We encourage you to continue participating regularly in your home church throughout the program. View our Coracle Fellowship Description PDF for a full program description.

We will provide a reading list, a retreat notebook, handouts and Scripture list, a specialized prayer book, and a journal, as well as individualized attention to your spiritual journey and growth.

If you would prefer this form be e-mailed to you, to fill it out as a document, please contact info@inthecoracle.org.

Application Deadline: November 15, 2019
You’ll hear back from us: Before Christmas
Fellowship start date: January 4, 2020
Concluding retreat: December 5, 2020
Final reflection due: December 20, 2020


We’re sorry. The Coracle Application Form is currently disabled. We are currently not accepting applications. For more information, please contact info@inthecoracle.org.