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Personal Retreats

Retreats at Corhaven are as diverse as the people who take them. The sort of retreat a person has really depends on your specific desires.   They can be as short as a session of spiritual direction, a half day or full day, overnight, or several nights, even longer.   For whatever amount of time you’d like to spend, usually we can facilitate something for you.

Your retreat experience will be as unique as you are.  Retreats can come in many forms, guided or non-guided, with some of these potential variables and our availability:

  • Silence Our interaction would be almost negligible beyond communicating details.  You just show up and take advantage of the space.  For those looking for a place to be away and rest and pray.
  • Spiritual Direction You meet once at the beginning or middle or end of your time for a session of spiritual direction, but beyond that the time is yours.
  • Pastoral Counseling You may have a specific issue you’d like to discuss.
  • Guided Retreat Receive assistance crafting a good retreat schedule at the outset which may include readings, rest, Scripture readings, conversation, spiritual direction, journaling, or other spiritual practices.
  • Manual Labor –In the spirit of the monastery, sometimes physical labor can help a spiritual retreat, and certainly working in a garden or clearing brush are fertile fields for spiritual metaphor!
  • Sacraments – Receive Eucharist or make a confession.
  • Camping with God – Utilize one of our great campsites, great for families who want time away together.
  • In Nature – Beyond our own woods, we are familiar with some beautiful places in the surrounding mountains and waters and can recommend a variety of outdoor experiences for you.

When determining what sort of retreat you’ll want to make, the most important things are your prayerful reflection and good communication beforehand and then when here flexibility to the Spirit and circumstances.  We’ll do everything we can to facilitate your encounter with the God who loves you, is with you, and wants to meet you here!


What to Bring

Most of what you may need we’ve got.  Beyond that we suggest:

  • a Bible and journal/pen and any other reading material
  • shoes and clothes fit for hiking.  You may also want to bring a rain jacket, just in case, and a flashlight if you’re staying overnight.
  • a pair of slippers or indoor shoes for the cottage or Woodshop
  • anything that will help you connect with God
  • We’ve got teas and coffee and various snacks, but any other ‘comfort’ drink or snacks you might enjoy feel free to bring.
  • More than anything, just bring yourself!


Other things you should know

While it’s the country, it is farm country, so the sound of tractors or other implements and farm life may accompany your time, as well as from time to time ‘fresh’ country air!

We have four children, who know not to disturb you (unless you want to be disturbed!), but still you may hear their laughter, and from time to time their tears!

The use of candles is permitted and encouraged in the cottage, with care.

There is an extensive library in the old Woodshop at Corhaven.  You’re most welcome to use any books or other materials while you’re here, though we’re not able at this time loan them out.

Animals are plentiful around Corhaven, though in different combinations.  At any given time there maybe a cats and a dog and chickens and a few cows, maybe even a pig.   None of them will have spent any time in the cottage or Woodshop!

Also, we do have a wi-fi connection, though you’ll want to be careful with it as you’ll be here to be away!

You will be staying in the cottage or the woodshop.  There is a full kitchen available at Corhaven for cooking and several local restaurants.  You are welcome to bring and prepare food, or we can work with you to provide meals upon availability.


Arrival and Departure

These times are flexible of course!   Just let us know your plans should they be different.

For a day retreat we recommend arriving around 10am, departing around 5.00pm.

For an overnight retreat we recommend arriving around 1pm, departing sometime before noon the next day.


Suggested Donation

We gladly accept contributions to Coracle to make it possible for us to offer this place and time. Suggested donations amounts are:

  • $50 for a day
  • $75 for an overnight
  • $125 additional for a spiritual direction or pastoral counseling session up to two hours with Bill

However, this is not required and you should not hesitate to come if money is an issue.  We do have costs but we’ve also been given much and gladly give it away!  And there are folks who support Coracle so we can provide these things to anybody.

You can make a tax-deductible donation by writing a check to  “Coracle”, and leaving it or mailing it to 2883 Quicksburg Road, Quicksburg VA 22847. Or, you can donate by credit-card by clicking here.


Making a Retreat

If you’d like to schedule a retreat, contact us here.

“So grateful for this moment of rest and a renewed sense of God’s loving, abiding presence–in this loveliest of places.”

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