Spiritual Formation For Kingdom Action

Spiritual Director’s Profile

Bill Haley

Shenandoah Valley, VA

Because of his extensive work in America’s inner-cities and in some of the hardest places in the developing world, Bill has a particular passion for walking alongside those whose work brings them into regular contact with the brokenness of the world, and whose souls feel the weight of it. He also enjoys spiritual direction with those whose faith no longer seems to ‘work’, or who are very tired after many years of following Jesus, or whose lives are turning out very different then they had hoped or expected. Also, as a priest, he can offer helpful perspective with clergy or those considering a call to ordination. More information about Bill can be found here.
“I felt like the room was anointed with his presence the whole time I was there.  I feel richly blessed to have had the opportunity to drink deeply from his presence and to have the truths of God renewed in my heart.”

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