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“Discipleship in close relief” – Soren Johnson’s Spiritual Writing

Soren Johnson, one of Coracle’s very own board members, had his writings highlighted in a post on LivingChurch.org‘s blog Covenant.

As described by Caleb Congrove in this article, Soren Johnson’s writings are “mostly reflections on fatherhood and its many errands and chores”.  Congrove adds also that “his column shines theological depth and artistic sensitivity on the mundane details of living. He writes about the workday commute, cleaning the gutters, and conversations with his kids.”

Take some time to peruse some of the articles Soren Johnson has written for his bi-weekly column such as…

Snow’s Spiritual Smackdown

Boycott New Years Resolutions, Inc.

“Here there’s already a palpable sense of God’s pleasure and love which invited a deeper presence to Him. . . an invitation to stillness and listening.”

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