Spiritual Formation For Kingdom Action


At this point in a conference like this on justice, it’s already overwhelming.  It’s quick and easy to feel like there’s so much to do, and so much I’m not doing, even when I’m already trying to do as much as I know to do.   What to do with these longings, these desires, this sense of inadequacy, and knowing the gravity of the need?

So at World Relief’s request, we offered a brief, informal Eucharist service in the middle of the day in the exhibition hall, between lunch and the many remaining sessions of the day.

My remarks on “why are we doing this?” were not long, and simple, and in order:

  • We are the body of Christ…
  • So we feed on the body of Christ…
  • So that we can love the body of Christ…

And we fed, and were fed.  Thanks be to God.

“Thank you for helping me pay attention to the richness of the gift of God’s loving presence that he has given me...Corhaven is truly a refuge of the heart and a place of restoration”

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